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Friday, October 28, 2005

Does the IRS Have a Check For You? (Part II)

Natl_taxpayersFollowing up on yesterday's post on the IRS's new web site to help taxpayers search for their tax refunds:  The National Taxpayers Union (NTU) claims its online tax refund search site can help people locate their money more quickly and easily than the IRS's online version:

The NTU database is designed to provide the maximum flexibility of search options (by full name, partial name, or state), so users can find refunds (or those of relatives and friends) that may be in limbo because of these problems. If they have a refund to claim, then the site directs taxpayers to the IRS toll-free number or the IRS website where they can securely arrange to receive their money.

Although the IRS's website also has an interactive refund feature, the agency requires taxpayers to provide information that makes it difficult to use for citizens who aren't sure whether they have a refund coming, or who can't remember how much it might be.

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