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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Katrina Tax Resources

Katrina_image_clearHere is an expanded list of Hurricane Katrina tax resources:



    • Hurricane Katrina: Information on Charitable Giving, Tax-Relief Issues
    • Information for IRS Employees in Areas Affected by Hurricane Katrin
    • IRS Updates Hurricane Katrina Tax Relief Guidelines for Taxpayers in Four States, Relief Workers and Others Impacted
    • IRS Announces Additional Agreements to Assist Disaster Victims
    • IRS Defers Schedule M-3 Planned Effective Date for Insurance Corporations
    • Treasury and IRS to Allow Hurricane Katrina Victims to Make Withdrawals and Loans From Retirement Plans
    • IRS Extends Diesel Fuel Penalty Relief Due to Hurricane Katrina
    • Katrina Relief Workers Have Until Jan. 3 to File and Pay Taxes
    • 5,000 IRS Telephone Operators Register Hurricane Victims for FEMA Benefits
    • Statement by the U.S. Treasury Regarding Requests to Postpone Pension Payments Due on September 15
    • Guidance Issued on Temporary Domestic Shipping Operations
    • Treasury and IRS Announce Guidance Regarding the Temporary Operation of Ships in the Domestic Trade as a Result of Hurricane Katrina
    • Snow Announces Changes to the New Markets Tax Credit Program to Support Hurricane Katrina Recovery Efforts
    • U.S. Treasury Urges Waiver of ATM Surcharges for Katrina Evacuee
    • Extra Time Granted for Tax-Exempt Bond Issuers Affected By Katrin
    • Treasury, IRS Announce Special Relief to Encourage Leave-Donation Programs for Victims of Hurricane Katrina
    • Katrina Victims Will Have Until Jan. 3 to File and Pay Taxes, IRS Says
    • IRS Allows Highway Vehicle Removal of Aviation Fuel Due to Hurricane Katrina
    • IRS and AICPA Announce Agreement to Assist Disaster Victim
    • IRS Expedites Charity Applications, Urges Use of Existing Charities
    • Treasury and IRS Expand Availability of Housing for Hurricane Victims
    • IRS Expands Relief Area for Katrina Victims
    • IRS Grants Relief Regarding Certain Employee Plan Contributions
    • IRS Waives Diesel Fuel Penalty Due to Hurricane Katrina
    • IRS Creates Disaster Relief Toll-Free Number (1-866-562-5227)
    • IRS Urges Citizens to Seek Qualified Charities for Katrina Help
    • IRS Grants Tax Relief for Hurricane Katrina Victims

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