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Friday, September 23, 2005

CLEA Publishes Revised Draft of Best Practices for Legal Education

ClealogosmThe Clinical Legal Education Association has published a revised draft of its Best Practices for Legal Education.  Here is the opening of the Executive Summary and Key Recommendations:

There is a compelling need for significant change in legal education in the United States. Law schools do some things well, some things poorly, and some things not at all. While law schools help students acquire some of the essential skills and knowledge required for law practice, they neglect many other aspects of preparation for the legal profession.

Law schools generally neglect their responsibility to prepare students for practice, focusing instead on preparing students to pass bar examinations. Bar examinations alone are not sufficient to test an applicant’s preparation for the practice of law, and it is generally conceded that most law school graduates are not as prepared for law practice as they should be and could be.

Our key recommendations for improving legal education are listed below. One can quickly grasp the full breadth of the project by reviewing the table of contents.

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