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Sunday, January 23, 2005

SSRN LogoThis week's list of the Top 5 Tax Paper Downloads on SSRN is the same as last week's:   


1.  Starving the Beast: The Psychology of Budget Deficits, by Jonathan Baron (Pennsylvania, Wharton School) & Edward J. McCaffery (USC)

2.  Is Tax Competition Harmful?, by Robert McGee (Barry University, Business School)

3.  Are Non-Profit Firms Simply For-Profits in Disguise? Evidence from Executive Compensation in the Nursing Home Industry, by Anup Malani (Virginia) & Albert H. Choi (Virginia, Dep't of Economics)

4.  Adhering to the Old Line: Uncovering The History and Political Function of the Unrelated Business Income Tax, by Ethan Stone (Iowa)

5. Educating Ourselves Towards a Progressive (and Happier) Tax: A Commentary on Griffith's Progressive Taxation and Happiness, by Marjorie E. Kornhauser (Tulane)

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