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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Bartlett Criticizes Tax Reform Commission

BbartlettBruce Bartlett (National Center for Policy Analysis) published an op-ed (Daunting Tax Reform Task) in yesterday's Washington Times on the President's Advisory Panel on Tax Reform.  Here is part of the opening:

[President Bush] has given the panel almost no time to do its work and expects a final report no later than July 31. It's hard to see what it can hope to accomplish in so short a time. In his Sept. 2 statement, Mr. Bush said he wanted the commission to report "as early as possible in 2005." Yet only one member, economist James Poterba of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is really known as an expert on tax reform, which means commission members will need considerable time just getting up to speed on the issues before they can even start serious deliberation.

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