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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Welcome to the Tax Blogosphere: Clarissa Potter

New_blogs A hearty welcome to the newest member of the Tax Prof blogosphere: Clarissa Potter (Georgetown) yesterday launched Academically Taxing with this announcement: 


Although I've created this blog primarily for the students in my income tax courses (you go Hoya Tax Geeks!), taxation is such a titillating subject and all that no doubt there will be multitudes of other readers. Just one request--keep your friggin ideas about how we shouldn't have taxes to yourselves, OK. We're here to talk about what the rules are and not get all muddleheaded by wacky anti-tax protesters. And please, don't comment from a speeding car--that's just plain ol' dangerous. PONCH AND JON, WE HAVE A REPORT OF A HIGH-SPEED TAX EVADER...

By my count, Clarissa is the fifth tax professor with a blog, and the first who is not a middle-aged white guy:

(I have not counted for this purpose Vic Fleischer's A Taxing Blog, on hiatus for over a year, and the nascent Tax Policy Blog from Loyola-L.A., which does not list a Tax Prof author.)

Pretty soon, we all will be wearing pajamas at AALS Tax Section and ABA Teaching Tax meetings! (If Bogdanski wears this, count me out!: 





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I'm not middle-aged.

I'm old.

That is, if you listen to my children describe it.

Posted by: Jim Maule | Nov 24, 2004 10:14:01 AM