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Friday, October 15, 2004

Six-Month Anniversary of TaxProf Blog

175,000 miles

Today markes the six-month anniversary of TaxProf Blog. We continue to be blown away by the number of visitors (175,000+) in such a short period of time and are looking forward to trying to replicate the success of TaxProf Blog in other areas of law through our Law Professor Blogs Network.

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As best as I can tell, my blog was born on Feb 3, 2004. The reason I'm unsure is that it appears my first few postings aren't showing up. So perhaps it was late in January. Oh, to go through life unsure of a birthdate!

Anyhow, congratulations to my younger blogsibling. I ignore my blogbirthdays just as I try to ignore my real life birthdays (with little success).

Maybe I should ask for blogbirthday cards with blogcash? :-)

Posted by: Jim Maule | Oct 15, 2004 7:01:43 AM