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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Back to School Special: The Tax Canon

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

With the start of another year, I want to point out to new tax faculty and tax students the wonderful "Tax Canon" developed by Vic Fleischer (UCLA) and maintained as one of the permanent left column resources on TaxProf Blog. The Tax Canon is a list of 10 articles (and a couple of books) comprising "essential reading for those interested in developing a cultural literacy about tax policy." As a bonus, Vic includes a list of 7 articles comprising the "established" Tax Canon:

These articles are impressive, of course, and each deserves the attention and recognition it receives. As a descriptive matter, those articles would land on almost anyone’s top 10 list of highly influential articles, and each has the citations to prove it. As a foundation for future study of the tax system, however, a reader who stuck to the established canon would miss out on newer trends in tax scholarship, especially the influence of interdisciplinary work (law & economics, critical legal studies, and modern theories of moral philosophy and distributive justice). My list is an attempt to fill out and update the list without expanding it beyond a useful size.
Vic's colleague Stephen Bainbridge maintains a similar "Corporate Law Canon" on his blog.

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