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Saturday, June 5, 2004

Tax Prof Finalist for "Law Prof Hunk" Award

Friday also marked the close of balloting in the "Law Prof Hunk" contest run by Tax Prof Jack Bogdanski (Lewis & Clark) as "a statement, however small, about the silliness of the many 'best of' lists that now surround the practice of law and the legal academy" (such as LawTV's current search for the "The Law Prof 100"). After I joked in a Tax Prof Undressed post that I hoped LawTV would not make its decision based on a swimsuit competition, and later noted that Professor Bogdanski would fare well in such a contest in light of the picture on his blog of him walking on the beach with his 3-year old daughter, traffic flooded to his site as the joke spread in the blogosphere (e.g., Topless Tax Prof Teases Students, Topless Tax Prof: For Law Students and Mature Law Professors).

Professor Bogdanski received 16 nominees for the "Law Prof Hunk" award. (The contest originally included included "Hunk" and "Babe" categories, but he dropped the latter after receiving several complaints.) To ensure that votes were cast purely on the basis of physical attributes, and were not influenced by scholarly or teaching reputations, nominees were listed by number with an accompanying photograph without revealing their name or school affiliation. As America awaits the results of the election, I can now reveal that at least one of the 16 nominees is a Tax Prof. Can you guess which one? Hint: it is not, as you might think, #10. Lest you wonder if this is an attempt at shameless self-promotion, in the interest of full disclosure I offer this picture of me taken during my summer stint in San Diego so you can see that I look nothing like any of the 16 nominees.

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